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# 19 October, 2012 21:02

I joined instagram. I am floodfish.

I joined instagram. I am floodfish.

I’m Jason Das.

I live in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

I’m a visual artist, illustrator, musician, composer, songwriter, web developer, web designer, writer, editor, organizer, instigator, and concerned neighbor. (Perhaps other things, too. Never hurts to ask.)

I still believe in e-mail and can be reached at jason@jasondas.com.

I serve as President of the wonderful global nonprofit Urban Sketchers.

The best way to see the largest quantity of my visual artwork is via Flickr, though pieces may show up here that don't show up there, and some pieces may show up elsewhere entirely.

Sometimes I act like I remember I have accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

If you like my artwork and you like Facebook, please be my fan there.

I shape sounds and interpret situations as a member of The Glass Bees.

In a past life, I co-founded and co-operated Vegan Drinks and SuperVegan. I’m still very much vegan, just not organzing anything on that front these days.

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